1991 Toyota MR2 // The Best Way To Spend $5,000

1991 Toyota MR2 // The Best Way To Spend $5,000

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The Toyota MR2 in 1991

The 1991 Toyota MR2 is a welcomed blast from the past. It’s mid engine, rear drive and has a lightweight chassis that begs for fun at every corner. Couple that with a cable throttle and the absence of power steering and you have one tremendous, analog experience.

This specific Toyota MR2 belongs to Greg – the newest member of the Throttle House Team. He has taken this tiny little Japanese sports car for adventures all across North America and he loves it more than the very oxygen he breathes. Thomas and James take it for a spin around the Throttle House test track – will they love it as much as dear ol’ Greg?

Snap Oversteer? In an MR2?

The one big reputation that this generation of MR2 has is its penchant for snap oversteer. Sharply changing throttle inputs mid corner will quickly break the back end loose. If you are not prepared for this to happen, it can be quite the surprise. But can this characteristic be considered part of the Toyota MR2’s charm? Thomas takes a deeper look at the snap oversteer claims while James has some fun with mid-engine weight distribution.

Even with some serious mileage on the clock, there is no denying that this MR2 has a classic 90’s style and adorable pop-up headlights. Sure it squeaks and creaks, and burns more oil than a Prius needs gas. But it will probably keep running long into the future, and will definitely keep Greg smiling on every journey he takes.

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