2020 BMW M340i vs Audi S4 vs C43 AMG

2020 BMW M340i vs Audi S4 vs C43 AMG

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2020 BMW M340i vs S4 vs C43 AMG // Drag Race

The 2020 BMW M340i is lined up for a drag race of German luxury sport sedans. On one side of the BMW is James’ own S4 – piloted by James himself. On the other side is the Mercedes C43 AMG – driven by the Throttle House camera hero Karston. James’ S4 has the lowest amount of power, with 354 horsepower and 369 pound feet of torque. He looks to hold his own and maybe receive a little reassurance that he made the right purchase.

Thomas has taken the helm of the 2020 BMW M340i. He has a little less power than the C43 AMG, but the same amount of torque as the S4. As tested, the bimmer puts out 382 horsepower and 369 pound feet of torque from a turbocharged inline-6. It also has an absolutely stunning two tone blue interior in this spec.

The C43 AMG has ultra focused camera hero Karston behind the wheel. It’s been said throughout legend that he has more focus than a Ford dealership in 2001. Rumour has it he once made Daniel Day Lewis cry at a method acting convention. Under his foot awaits 385 horsepower and 384 pound feet of torque. He looks to combine his superior power numbers with unwavering focus to edge out a victory. But will the C43’s lack of launch control leave him too far behind off the line?

From a Launch, a Dig, and a Roll

In the interest of science, the guys put the three luxury sport sedans through three different drag races. The first is from a launch, where each car can use launch control if available. Here, the C43 will have to make do, since it is not available in any trim with launch control. The second race is from a dig, where each driver must accelerate without building boost pressure or using launch control. The third race is a classic roll race to take the launch out of the equation. Watch and find out the results!

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