2021 BMW M4 Competition // M Is For Monster

2021 BMW M4 Competition // M Is For Monster

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The 2021 BMW M4 Competition

The new BMW M4 Competition is stirring up quite the commotion with its new face. Thomas and James spend the time to see if it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Packing a twin turbo straight six engine, the new M4 churns out a fierce 503 horsepower and 479 foot pounds of torque. A horsepower number that may be all too familiar…cough cough C63 AMG S… But the question remains: does it drive like an M car should?

Thomas has long been interested in BMW M cars and even owns one himself (an E46 M3). To say he was excited to spend the day killing a set of tires on the Throttle House Test Track was an understatement. Watch and enjoy as the guys take the new BMW M4 Competition out for a track test and a road review with the scenic Toronto skyline as a backdrop.

M Drift Analyzer? Bye Bye Tires

Despite initial fears of it being a gimmicky feature, the new M drift analyzer actually had both Thomas and James excited for their scores. It measures and keeps track of a multitude of things. Such as the length of the drift, how smoothly you enter / exit, and how much speed you carried. Naturally, this eggs you on to go more and more sideways so that you might achieve the elusive 5 star rating (safely on a track of course). Watch as the guys try and get their best score and have a blast in the process.

We hope you enjoy this Throttle House film.

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