2021 BMW M440i // The Scariest 4-Series Ever

2021 BMW M440i // The Scariest 4-Series Ever

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The 2021 BMW M440i xDrive

The new BMW M440i features some unorthodox changes for an M-series car. Looks and redesigned grille aside, this new BMW has a few tricks up its sleeve. It has a 48 volt starter alternator attached to its 3.0 litre engine, making it a mild hybrid. This helps to create an incredibly smooth power delivery. It is also able to move it’s increasingly heavy 4000 pound body from 0-60 in around 4.5 seconds. This puts it in the same range of acceleration as the previous generation M4. Not a small feat considering it weighs over 200 pounds more than the older M4. The M440i is also very livable, much in part due to its adaptive M suspension and adjustable driver mode settings. The total cost for this car is $75,000 as tested.

As James mentions, the b58 motor is a familiar one. It is an inline 6 and can be found in other M-sport cars – such as the M240i and Z4 M40i. It can also be found in the new Toyota Supra. In the BMW M440i, it is rated for 382 hp and 369 foot-pound of torque. However this b58 is different since it has an attached starter alternator. This adds an additional 11 horsepower and makes this version of the b58 engine unique to its compatriots and Japanese cousin.

Living Up to the M-Sport Name

Thomas holds BMW sport-sedans to an incredibly high standard. A standard that’s been set by the previous generations. Does the new BMW M440i live up to this standard? Or has it lost some of its identity along the way? For Thomas, the M badge on a BMW means it should have top notch driver engagement and provide an exciting and fun experience. Watch as the guys put it to the test!

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