2021 Ford F-150 Lariat PowerBoost Review

2021 Ford F-150 Lariat PowerBoost Review

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The 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat PowerBoost

The new Ford F-150 Lariat PowerBoost is a rugged towing machine with a dirty secret – it’s a hybrid. Despite the prevailing image that trucks need big displacement from a powerful gas engine, the F-150 Lariat sings its own tune. It costs over $60,000 CAD as specced and offers a slew of useful technology and creature comforts. For example, at the back of the truck bed is an onboard power generator. It is capable of handling a serious amount of power demand while using only a small amount of fuel. Like when James needs to make a quick cuppa from his electric kettle. It also offers a surprising amount of torque and is capable of towing a remarkable amount of weight – over 12 000 pounds!

Thomas and James go over the new F-150 Lariat and share their thoughts on how it drives and performs as a utility vehicle. We hope you enjoy the episode!

Towing the Throttle House Race Car

Any BMW in Thomas’ possession spends more time broken down than it does being driveable. That means they often need to be towed to and from different garages and rescued from their breakdown locations. This time, Thomas secretly tricked James into helping out with yet another BMW fetching mission. The Throttle House race car needed a lift home after the mad scientists at Adrena Garage got her working again. Since there’s a first for everything, the BMW that’s being towed behind Thomas actually runs without any major issues – it just needs a race track to be properly driven. The F-150 Lariat proved to be a commendable workhorse, allowing the guys to bring the race car home safely and without breaking a sweat.

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