2021 Genesis G80 – $60k Mercedes Killing Machine

2021 Genesis G80 – $60k Mercedes Killing Machine

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The 2021 Genesis G80

Luxury. Performance. And a price tag that makes its German competition blush. The 2021 Genesis G80 looks to take on some serious contenders in the luxury performance category. Thomas and James dive into what makes this car great, what short comings it has, and decide if it truly is a $60,000 Mercedes killing machine. From a 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 that sits behind the front axle, the G80 puts a respectable amount of power to its rear wheels. Although all wheel drive can be optioned, as can a smaller 2.5 L four cylinder engine. Do you think this G80 can hold its own against the likes of German performance luxury? Stay tuned to find out!

So Much Car for the Price

One of the big selling points for the 2021 Genesis G80 is just how much car you get for the price. In this trim, it is absolutely loaded with tech. As James mentions, a similarly specced out car from Mercedes runs over $100k! Since that is quite the price gap, Thomas and James were extremely interested in seeing how much car you actually get while saving nearly 40 grand. As it turns out, it is quite a lot. Thomas is very pleased with the G80 and compares its driving experience to that of older BMW’s – a strong statement from someone who holds older BMWs in such high regard. We hope you enjoy this episode of Throttle House!

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