2021 Mercedes S-Class vs The Legendary 90’s S-Class

2021 Mercedes S-Class vs The Legendary 90’s S-Class

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The 2021 Mercedes S-Class and the ’90’s S-Class of Yesteryear

The 2021 Mercedes S-Class is a luxury flagship with a lot of heritage behind the name. The 1990’s S-Class it sits beside is responsible for a large portion of that heritage. A heritage of always pushing the technological envelope and bringing in new designs and inventions all in the name of comfort and luxury. Such as double glazed windows for extra sound deadening, or early adopting soft-close doors. The S-Class was known for its unbelievably comfortable and smooth ride, and unmistakable presence as a long wheelbase luxury sedan. In other words, the 2021 Mercedes S-Class has a lot to live up to.

Worth of the S-Class Nameplate?

Does the new S-Class live up to the weight the nameplate brings? Thomas and James spend time poking and prodding their way through each vehicle, interested in seeing how the S-Class has changed over the years. Just how different will the ride quality be? Will the newer one be even more controlled, floaty, and comfortable than the older S-Class? Or had the older one got it right the first time? Watch to find out! We hope you enjoy this episode of New vs Old on Throttle House.

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