Audi RSQ8 VS AMG GLE 63 S vs BMW X5M Competition

Audi RSQ8 VS AMG GLE 63 S vs BMW X5M Competition

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The Battle of the Super SUVs

Up against the Audi RSQ8 is the Mercedes GLE 63 S and the BMW X5M Competition. This battle of super SUVs features three strong contenders out of Germany. Each has a twin turbo v8 and oodles of horsepower. They all weigh about five and a half thousand pounds and promise 0-60 times of under 4 seconds.

The Audi RSQ8 has the least horsepower, at 591, but cranks out a mighty 590 ft lbs of torque. The BMW X5M Competition has the most horsepower, at 617, but the least amount of torque at 553 ft lbs. The Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S churns out the most torque at 627 ft lbs, and has a horsepower figure that sits between its two rivals – 603 hp. Thomas and James take a deeper look into how these performance SUVs stack up against one another. Which would you want in your driveway?

The Audi RSQ8 vs the Mercedes- AMG GLE 63 S vs the BMW M5 Competition

The guys like to keep things fun while they review cars. In this episode, James and Thomas investigate what it really means to have a super SUV and what happens when too much is well, too much. This involves a graceful analogy featuring James and some delicious marshmallows. To test the ride quality, Thomas sits in the backseat of each SUV while James drives him around some back roads. During this time, Thomas attempts to sketch the exact same picture so that afterwards each drawing can be compared to see which is best. Which car do you think will shine the most? Watch and find out!

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