James And Thomas Talk About Their Best Intros // Part 1

James And Thomas Talk About Their Best Intros // Part 1

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The Best Intros on Throttle House

On this episode of ETH, Thomas and James discuss their best intros on Throttle House. They explain how they came up with several skits, which ones were their favourites to make and where the inspiration sometimes comes from. Such as renting an Airbnb and seeing all sorts of feline relate décor the same day that they have a Hellcat Redeye

The guys certainly have a hard time picking a single favourite, and some intros are more stressful to create then they may seem! They also talk about how their intros have evolved over time and why they decided to start doing them in the first place. If you have a favourite intro, drop by the comments and let us know. Thanks for watching!

What is Extra Throttle House?

If you are new to Extra Throttle House, all you need to know is that it’s the secondary channel where a variety of fun videos are posted. While they may have less emphasis put onto production value compared to the main channel, we promise they will be entertaining! You might see videos such as this one, which dives into the best intros they’ve had on Throttle House. Or you might see less produced car reviews, such as the one they covered on the new Toyota Corolla Apex. They guys also have lots of cool stuff in the pipeline, such as POV drives and tons more of these podcast style discussions.

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We hope you enjoy this episode of the Best Intros on Throttle House!