BMW Isetta // The Weirdest BMW You Can Buy

BMW Isetta // The Weirdest BMW You Can Buy

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The BMW Isetta

The BMW Isetta is a car that simply radiates happiness. With its big adorable headlights and upright bubble shape, it is impossible to ignore its fun and playful demeanor. It has a 298cc single cylinder engine that slaps out 13 horsepower and gets 63 mpg (3.7 L/ 100 km). If you let it roll downhill, it can supposedly surpass its maximum cruising speed of 57 mph (92 km/h). The BMW Isetta is also responsible for having played a crucial part in keeping BMW afloat during its difficult post-war era. Thomas and James take the legendary bubble car out for a spin on busy Toronto roads and end up with a terrifying yet hilarious experience. Watch and laugh as the guys go through a series of mishaps and misadventures with this classic BMW Isetta from 1958.

A Quick Stop at the Drive-Thru

To get the full BMW Isetta experience the guys decide to take it out for a quick errand. A stop at the drive thru of a local Tim Hortons coffee shop. James mispronounces some German, Thomas mispronounces ‘bagels’, and both confuse a poor employee at the drive thru window. Before long Thomas hands the keys over to James for his first test drive – while on a busy road in Toronto. All eyes are on James as he maneuvers the easy to stall classic in and among busy Toronto traffic. Will he be able to make it home unscathed? Or will he regret not practicing his shifts on a quiet residential road like Thomas? Watch and find out!

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