BMW M4 Drag Race vs Audi RS5 vs Mercedes C63S

BMW M4 Drag Race vs Audi RS5 vs Mercedes C63S

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BMW M4 Drag Race

It’s time for an M4 drag race. To its left stands the fast-launching AWD Audi RS5. And to its right is the V8 powered Mercedes-Benz C63s. As the newcomer, the M4 Competition is looking to prove itself among its German rivals. Thomas owns several BMWs (albeit usually old broken ones), so it seemed fitting for him to pilot the M4. James takes the helm of the V8 Mercedes and hopes that he will be able to find some traction. Karston is in the Audi, bringing with him his unwavering focus and a passion for never seeing a set of taillights. Some say he sleeps at the track and drinks pure gasoline. Others claim to have seen him reverse-entry a semi truck just for fun.

All joking aside, the guys line up for both a drag race and a roll race to see how each car performs from a dig and from a roll. Who do you think will win? Pick your favourite and cheer them on!


We were rather interested in running this particular M4 drag race, partly due to the difference in drivetrains and engines. Each car brings with it a unique approach to how it puts the power down. One with a meaty twin-turbo V8, another with fast launching AWD, and the third with an AWD xDrive model on the way. It is especially interesting to see how this RWD M4 performs in a drag race, since the xDrive model should potentially achieve a better launch. Having power to more tires means more traction off the line, and more traction off the line means a faster launch! Will the M4 Competition be able to handle the stiff competition in this drag race?

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