BMW M5 CS vs 1000 hp AMG E63S vs 880 hp Audi RS6

BMW M5 CS vs 1000 hp AMG E63S vs 880 hp Audi RS6

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The 2022 BMW M5 CS Drag Race

This is no ordinary BMW M5 CS drag race. Since it has been such an absolute monster on the strip, the guys decided to cheat a little and bring along some tuned rivals for a challenge. The Mercedes-AMG E63S is pumping out 1000 horses at the crankshaft. And the Audi RS6 commands a gnarly 880 horsepower, also at the crank. The M5 CS still has a fairly significant weight advantage, and is almost certainly underrated in terms of power by BMW. But what happens when you line these three cars up on the strip? Well, loud noises for one. But also gigantic smiles from each driver in the race. Watch to find out what happens!

We Have Fun Here on Throttle House

We like to keep things fun and interesting here on Throttle House. We often review new cars on both the road and the track. And we occasionally compare new cars to their older counterparts to see how far they have developed over the years. But we also like to create videos that are just plain fun – such as this one. Of course this M5 CS drag race is a bit mean to the BMW, but its all in good fun since it shows just how capable it is from the factory. We hope you have as much fun watching the video as we did making it!

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