Dodge Viper ACR Review // How Is This Even Legal

Dodge Viper ACR Review // How Is This Even Legal

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The Dodge Viper ACR

It’s near impossible to describe the Dodge Viper ACR without using words like: brutal and chaotic. Or without mentioning how it is a purpose built track weapon with enough downforce to reach a face ripping 1.5 lateral G’s in a corner. Thomas and James are excited to experience it for themselves. So they take this 8.4L V10 monster out onto the Throttle House Test Track for a proper thrashing. For Thomas, he feels you can tell a lot about how well a car is balanced by sliding it around a bit. Watch as he pushes the Dodge Viper ACR past its limits – while testing his own. We hope you enjoy the episode!

It Did What Lap Time?!

The Dodge Viper ACR has but one thing in mind – track times. It doesn’t mind that your drive to the track will be filled with rough vibrations, loud noises, and an iffy “speaker system”. It doesn’t make any attempts at being a daily. All it cares about is giving you the tools to beat whatever lap time you’re after. And some sacrifices have to be made for that to happen. However it is important to note, it is road legal and it can get you to the track without the need of a full trailer. And when you get to the track, the Viper ACR really shows you what it’s all about.

Thomas puts it to the test with some hot laps on the Throttle House Test Track. How do you think it will stack up against our other road legal cars? Or perhaps against the track only (in Canada) BAC Mono? Watch and find out!

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