Ferrari GTC4Lusso – $400,000 Of Practical Brutality

Ferrari GTC4Lusso – $400,000 Of Practical Brutality

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The Ferrari GTC4Lusso

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is the Ferrari for your friends. With four seats, a monstrous V12 and all-wheel drive, it makes no compromises when hauling the troops. Thomas and James are both excited to see what it is all about – especially since it is the first Ferrari to ever appear on Throttle House. Join them as they experience a fire breathing V12, a symphonic exhaust, and as Thomas says – decades of engineering. Enjoy the episode!

A V12 Ferrari Engine, All-Wheel Drive, and… Four Seats?

Until the arrival of the new Ferrari SUV – the Purosangue – the GTC4Lusso is the latest ‘all-weather’ Ferrari. It has all-wheel drive up until 5th gear, multiple driving modes such as wet and comfort, and enough room to carry you and three of your mates. Four seats are a feature that should not be overlooked as a unique opportunity for Ferrari owners.

As one of many available options, the GTC4Lusso can be equipped with a stunning glass roof that provides your rear passengers with an absolute treat of a view. Although it does cost a pretty enough penny that Thomas and James disagree on whether it is worth getting. The back seats also have enough room to comfortably fit a Thomas-sized human, and offer an enjoyable ride to boot. Complaints from passengers are likely to be few and far between as they are drowned out by screaming V12 power and a well-designed interior.

We hope you enjoy watching the first Ferrari on Throttle House!

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