Hyundai Sonata N Line vs Acura TLX vs Honda Accord

Hyundai Sonata N Line vs Acura TLX vs Honda Accord

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A Day Full of Surprises

The Hyundai Sonata N Line is primed and ready to launch down the Throttle House Drag Strip. On either side are its competitors – the Acura TLX and the Honda Accord. With the most horsepower and torque the Sonata looks set to take the win. But there is more to a drag race than just power numbers. And the Accord has already shown its speedy prowess several times here on Throttle House. Will the Sonata be able to take the win in both the drag and roll race due to its power advantage? Or is the Accord too much for it too handle? The TLX also has AWD up its sleeve, but is at a bit of a weight disadvantage compared to the Accord with the same engine.

These three comfortable and sporting sedans are lined up for a very interesting run. You might be surprised at the result of both the drag race and the roll race. Plus, James has a plan to take the Sonata N Line on the Throttle House Test Track – just don’t tell Hyundai!

The Hyundai Sonata N Line Tests the Track

James was curious to see what the new Sonata N Line could do. It does get a significant power bump over the normal Sonata, as well as some suspension changes. Hopefully the changes seen on the N Line will make for a fun car on track days. Join James as he tosses a little red sedan around the Throttle House Test Track in the interest of fun and curiosity. Do you think the Sonata will leave James wanting for more? Or will it be fun and sporty enough to bring a smile to his face? We hope you enjoy the episode!

Check Out the New Channel – Extra Throttle House

Thomas and James have released a second channel for your viewing pleasure. Extra Throttle House is the place where they will post a varying range of fun videos with smaller production value. This could mean POV night drives one minute, and sit down discussions about their favourite cars the next.