Introducing Extra Throttle House feat: A91 Supra

Introducing Extra Throttle House feat: A91 Supra

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Extra Throttle House – The Barely Edited Mix ‘n’ Mash Channel

Thomas and James are excited to announce their new channel – Extra Throttle House. This gives the guys a place to post all sorts of different content that might not fit on the primary channel. You might see discussions about their favourite cars, an inside look behind the scenes, or even ridiculous outtakes and deleted scenes. In other words, Extra Throttle House aims to be a fun and laidback channel with a wide range of different content for you to enjoy. In this episode, Thomas and James discuss the new A91 Supra and how it has changed from its previous model year. Thomas also shares the unreleased footage of his hot lap on the Throttle House Test Track. We hope you enjoy the first episode!

The A91 Supra’s Surprising Hot Lap

The A91 Supra is the same as the A90 supra (with the 2021 updates) – except that the A91 is blue with a stripe. Thomas and James have previously reviewed the 2021 updated Supra on the main channel, but they have uncovered something rather curious. The A90 and A91 should be identical in nearly every way except aesthetics. However they drive much different to one another. The guys discuss the differences and Thomas shows his previously unreleased hot lap in the A91. A surprising result unfurls. Do you think it will be faster and wilder than the last Supra to go down the Throttle House Test Track? Or perhaps it is more tame and pedestrian? Only one way to find out!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for More Extra Throttle House

There are lots of big things planned for Extra Throttle House. To ensure you don’t miss any new releases, make sure to subscribe to the channel and / or follow the guys on Instagram. Thomas can be found @thomasholland_th, James @jamesengelsmen, and the main channel @thethrottlehouse.