Mustang EcoBoost vs WRX vs GLI vs Accord – Drag Race

Mustang EcoBoost vs WRX vs GLI vs Accord – Drag Race

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Mustang EcoBoost vs Subaru WRX vs Volkswagen GLI vs Honda Accord

The rear-wheel drive EcoBoost Mustang has some stiff competition for this drag race. Lined up on the strip are four economy performance cars with turbo-four engines and automatic transmissions. They are similarly priced and have similar power numbers, but differ in terms of drivetrain and philosophy.

The rugged Subaru WRX puts 268 hp and 258 lb ft to all four wheels and is mated to a CVT transmission. The classy Volkswagen GLI is in FWD and puts down 228 hp and 258 lb ft. The surprisingly fast and capable Honda Accord 2.0T pumps out 252 hp and 273 lb ft to its front tires. And the Mustang EcoBoost slams down the most power, with 310 hp and 350 lb ft. But will it be able to pull off the line and maintain enough traction to keep up with its AWD and FWD competition? Watch and find out!

A Throttle House Drag Race

Only two of the cars in this drag race have access to launch control – the WRX and the GLI. The EcoBoost Mustang and Honda Accord will have to make do for the first of the three races. In the first race, all four cars can use whatever means they have to get off the line – i.e. launch control. In the second race, all four cars will be launched from a dig. Meaning no launch control is allowed. In the third and final race all four cars are raced from a roll. This takes the launch entirely out of the question and leaves nothing but a demonstration of pure power. Which car do you think will win?

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