The 2021 Ferrari Roma // More than a Pretty Face?

The 2021 Ferrari Roma // More than a Pretty Face?

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The 2021 Ferrari Roma

The 2021 Ferrari Roma is a unique GT cruiser with a ferocious Ferrari V8 Turbo engine. It has a style of its own, disembarking from the traditional circular taillight design that is familiar to Ferrari. It also has a front end shape that looks like a concept car with its low slung headlights and sleek grille. To many an onlooker, the Roma is absolutely gorgeous. But does that beauty continue on the inside? And does it translate into how the car drives? Thomas and James each spent some time living with it, and they each have their own opinions about how it performs as a GT car. What will they think? We hope you enjoy the episode!

Is There More to Life than Being Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking?

An important question, no doubt. But is it really enough in life if you simply exist among the beautiful crowd? Thomas outlines several complaints that he has about the Ferrari Roma’s interior tech and ergonomic design. But James finds himself smitten with the feeling the car provides. Is he able to overlook the gripes and see the car for what it truly is? Or is he blinded by beauty? The guys delve into the philosophical and the whimsical as they take the Roma out for a review. Will this be the last press car that Ferrari ever graces them with?

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