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The Throttle House Newsletter - January

The January Throttle House Newsletter. This edition is free for everyone!
The Throttle House Newsletter - January
Dan our Camera Man / Editor Extraordinaire in pure admiration of the GT-R

Happy New Year to car enthusiasts everywhere!

This is the first Throttle Club House monthly newsletter, and we thought that to celebrate the New Year, we would make this edition available to everyone. We hope that the holiday season allowed all of you some much needed RnR.

Planning for the 2024 season is fully underway, and we’ve already got some rather exciting stuff in the works. TWO road trips are currently in the prep stages for this spring. Both of which should be very different to the “Road to Enlightenment,” and hopefully none of them will include graphical translation errors on the side of the cars. 

That's the last time we let James use Google Translate

As for the regular weekly Throttle House videos, it looks like we will be spending some time in the warmer parts of the continent later this month.

Filming where the snow ISN’T is par for the course for the Throttle House team at this point, but we still aren't sure if this is because that's where the cool cars are, or if it's because James doesn’t like it when his “toeses are froze” (his actual words obviously). But either way we'll be spending some time in California and Arizona.

As for things going on in Canada, Thomas is currently prepping the Throttle House race car (an E46 330ci) for another season of the C.A.S.C. Pirelli GT Sprints, and our sound man Harrison has finally got the repairs on his own old Volvos finished so he’s had time to install locks on the doors of James’ AE86 ToeFoo. He also managed to properly attach some of the dashboard that had fallen off.  That car will be ready for the Concours D’Elegance in no time. (We still don’t know when/if we plan on selling it).

Racing in CASC Pirelli GT Sprints in the summer of '23

In other news, James has a very exciting new car purchase that we will announce this month, and Karston will be roaming around this year in our new (to us) camera car. Also to be announced soon. 

For those of you who have joined Throttle Club House, we are thrilled to have you. It’s already starting to shape up into a like-minded car enthusiast community. The sim-racing league will be starting up this week, and apparently James has been writing poems for new members joining discord? And you've been.. loving it? To be fair we did expect that those of you that opted to join would be, uh, different, like us. 

More good news on the TCH front: The welcome packages for full members are almost ready to begin shipping AND we are currently working on adding to the partners list so that Full Access Members can benefit from even more discounts on the things they love. More to come!

A leather key chain is a part of the Throttle Club House Welcome Package

Stay well

-The Throttle House Team

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